The Mediaeval Banquet

We usually hold one of these each Michaelmas term, fully costumed and with a sumptuous mediaeval menu. 1995's Banquet, described here as an example, was held on Saturday 11th November in St Giles's Parish Hall on Woodstock Road, a building whose architecture might have some pre-Raphaelite influence! Other locations for society banquets have included a variety of college halls and the courtyard of the Turf Tavern.

A menu was served that involved barley fruit soup, pork ribs, plentiful roast chicken, ingeniously prepared vegetables, the Arthurian Society's traditional mulled wine and a selection of fruit wines, pears in wine sauce, fruit pies and rich provision of bread and cheese. In addition, there was entertainment from a "storytelling troubadour" and his juggler and percussionist accomplices. As is traditional, the evening ended with singing and mediaeval dancing, a lot of it spontaneous, and the mead flowed mightily.

That's all till next year, but there are other costumed events throughout the year, in particular the Celtic Festival - see the termcards for details!

Rhiannon Davies, former committee member and founder of the Cardiff Arthurian Society, has written two Ceridwen's Cauldron articles, one covering the Mediaeval Banquet, and another the Celtic Festival held in Hilary Term.