Arthurian Termcard for Trinity 1999

All meetings except those noted otherwise will be on Thursday nights in the Collier Room in Regents Park College. When the Society has a speaker meeting there may be opportunities to dine the speaker, contact the committee for details. Unless otherwise stated all meetings begin at 8pm.

First Week (30th April): Video Evening
An early start to term as we begin tonight at 7.30pm. Come and sit with us as we watch Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Helena Bonham-Carter in a new version of the story of Merlin. (What no Mr Thapen?). There is also, time and stamina allowing, the poss ibility of watching the documentary The Making of Merlin the Mini-Series afterwards.

Second Week (6th May): Cultural Meeting
Details To Be Announced

Third Week (13th May): Mini-pilgrimage
Weather permitting the court will process from the gates of Somerville, via Port Meadow to the Perch at Binsey, then along the Thames path to the ruins of Godstow Priory, anon after a suitable interval for contemplation and discussion we will hie ourselve s unto the Trout at Wolvercote, before returning via the artifices of Oxford Bus Company. Meet at Somerville at 5.45pm.

Fourth Week (20th May): More Videos
As many of our members are faced with the mental challenges of that unseemly tourney known as Finals, we have relaxing evening in mind. Options on what to watch include the recent Channel 4 "Biography of Arthur" and "The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot".

Fifth Week (27th May): Pub (to be decided)

Sunday(30th May): The Quest
Those members present at the Celtic Festival know the news Gwydion brought, that Mordred has seized the throne at Caerleon and expelled Morgan his mother; who in her spite has magicked Dame Brisen into captivity somewhere. To release our Lady Regent, we m ust seek the sword Excalibur and return it. Further news of where we should seek will be announced in due course.

Sixth Week (3rd June): Stonehenge Trip
Once again the society will visit the historic stones, which have appeared in so many Arthurian novels that by now they should be getting some form of appearance royalty. Unlike the mundane tourists though we are allowed inside the ropes and can get as cl ose to the stones as we wish.. A mini-bus will be arranged to get us there, details to follow; leaving Oxford around 4..30pm.

Seventh Week (10th June): Speaker Meeting
Dr Helen Moore of Corpus Christi College will address the society on the subject of "Chivalric Liberation and the Harrowing of Hell". There will be a meeting to dine the speaker beforehand, contact the committee if you wish to come along.

Eighth Week (Saturday 19th June): Lady of Shallot Punt-party
The court's annual waterborne extravaganza [note the motif of this termcard] will take place on the Saturday. Those who wish to attend are advised to bring their food and drink for sharing as we glide down the stream, driven by the prowess of our knights and serenaded by our bards. At present we are likely to be getting punts from St Hilda's, but if you can get a free punt please let the committee know. As ever details will follow on a flyer confirming the location and time of our departure.