Arthurian Termcard for Trinity 1997

Guest speakers are dined before their talks. Anyone wishing to attend the dinner should contact the Regent as soon as possible. The assembly point is the Sheldonian steps, Broad Street, at 6pm.

Wednesday 30th April (1st week),
A showing of the Arthurian Doctor Who story, Battlefield, starring Sylvester McCoy

Wednesday 7th May (2nd week)
A MEADOW AND PUB PILGRIMAGE ...from Regent's Park College, across Port Meadow, to the Trout and the Perch.

Wednesday 14th May (3rd week), Collier Room, Regent's Park, 8pm
DO WE NEED A HISTORICAL ARTHUR? The question is asked by our speaker, David Doughan of London Guildhall University.

Thursday 29th May (5th week)
Once again, we are privileged to have access to the Inner Circle of Stonehenge. Meet at 5pm, Trinity gates. Cost: five pounds.

Wednesday 4th June (6th week)
Anke Buttner, Scribe, Bibliothecaria and latter-day incarnation of Aneirin, waxes lyrical about this famous Breton forest.

Saturday 7th June (6th week)
THE QUEST The Society heads for Shotover Common, armed with swords, skill, magic and all the food you can carry...

Sunday 8th June (7th week),The Gardens, Exeter, 3pm
Details coming your way... Wednesday 18th June (8th week) PUNT PARTY
Speaks for itself, really. Prepare your best Lady of Shalott impersonations. More details soon.

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held in the Collier Room, Regnet's Park College, at 8pm on a given day.