Arthurian Termcard for Michaelmas 2001

All meetings except those noted otherwise will be on Thursday nights in the Ferrar Room of Hertford College. When the Society has a speaker meeting there may be opportunities to dine the speaker, contact the committee for details. Unless otherwise stated all meetings begin at 8pm.

First Week (11th October)
Introductory Meeting: Arthur Who?

Second Week (18th October)
We had hoped to hold this event on St Hilda's meadow, but in the end it was waterlogged and we ended up on South Park for a little while before retreating to the Angel and Greyhound.

Third Week (25th October)
Speaker Meeting
Former society regent Hannah Means, of Jesus College, will be sharing some of her own research on Taliesin with us.

Fourth Week (1st November)
Banquet Preparation
For those new to the Court of Arthur in Oxford here is an evening to learn how to make a decent showing in costume or at the dancing. A chance to learn something in Oxford without the attendant comments from tutors.

(Saturday 3rd November)
Visit to White Horse Hill (Uffington) and Avebury
Ancient chalk figures and stone circles beckon as the society embarks in a modern conveyance to remnants of pre-arthurian times, some of which appear as landscape details in tales of Arthur and his Court from all ages.

Fifth Week (8th November)
Is King Arthur really relevant to modern Britain?

Sixth Week (15th November)
Video Evening
Relax with the very best in Arthurian cinema.

Saturday (17th November)
The annual courtly extravaganza of medieval and not so medieval fare, fine dress, dancing, ceremonies, entertainments and Mead!!
Venue to be announced.

Seventh Week (22nd November)
Speaker Meeting
The celebrated author and popular historian Geoffrey Ashe will address the Society.

Eighth Week (29th November)
The Quiz
Geoff does his best impression of Saint Nicholas, handing out bags of (sadly fake) gold to anyone who can answer a few simple questions...