Arthurian Termcard for Michaelmas 2000

All meetings except those noted otherwise will be on Thursday nights in the Ferrar Room of Hertford College. When the Society has a speaker meeting there may be opportunities to dine the speaker, contact the committee for details. Unless otherwise stated all meetings begin at 8pm.

First Week (12th October)
Introductory Meeting
(meet at Hertford Lodge 8pm)

Second Week (19th October)
Quiz Knight
The dread Black Abbot challenges all who may to answer his fiendish questions. Will the knights of Dol Amroth outdo those of Camelot, or will a surprise entry from a certain Green team undo us all? Fingers on the dragons, your starter for ten bong boom, do dooby doo doo dooby doo doo be doo.

Third Week (26th October)
Speaker Meeting
Notable Arthurian author and historian Nikolai Tolstoy will address the society on an as yet announced subject. As the author is noted for his ability to talk at length on matters arthurian this looks to be an interesting evening.

Saturday (28th October)
Visit to White Horse Hill (Uffington) and Avebury
Ancient chalk figures and stone circles beckon as the society embarks in a modern conveyance to remnants of pre-arthurian times, some of which appear as landscape details in tales of Arthur and his Court from all ages.

Fourth Week (2nd November)
Banquet Preparation
For those new to the Court of Arthur in Oxford here is an evening to learn how to make a decent showing in costume or at the dancing. A chance to learn something in Oxford without the attendant comments from tutors.

Friday (3rd November)
We've been invited to join in the Tolkien Society's Fireworks including cannon, as set off by the inimitable Dwarf.

Fifth Week (9th November)
Speaker Meeting
Rhiannon Johnson will address the gathering on the subject of 'Dragons, Saints and Bad King Arthur'

Sixth Week (16th November)
Storytelling Evening
Storytelling/poetry reading, come join the merry throng and read out a favourite passage or work, those who feel shy can take heart in the knowledge that stories need listeners.

Saturday (18th November)
The annual courtly extravaganza of medieval and not so medieval fare, fine dress, dancing, ceremonies, entertainments and Mead!!
Venue to be announced.

Seventh Week (23rd November)
Speaker Meeting
Roger Simpson will address the society on a mystery topic.

Eighth Week (30th November)
Yule Party & Termly General Meeting
Come along for an early party in advance of the season of goodwill, after a brief session of arranging future society matters for the pleasure of its members. Food & Drink provided but feel free to bring your own.
Venue to be announced