The Regency of Sir Gawain
Chris Gidlow, 1986-1987

Chris's first term as President (now officially styled Regent) contained an array of events arranged by Sarah. Geoffrey Ashe came to respond to the criticisms of his Tor Maze theory made in Ceridwen's Cauldron. Peter Ewing gave his Arthurian Oxford tour again, and there was a 'Ladies of Camelot' storytelling.

The Cornwall pilgrimage was marred by a double booking of the Clubs Committee minibus, resulting in an angry exchange of letters between the Society and the University Offices and a more expensive trip. Michaelmas began with the traditional Mulled Wine evening and Round Table discussion, followed by Monty Python and the Holy Grail as usual!

Speakers under Chris's Regency leant firmly away from the 'New Age' trappings of Peter and Sarah, academics Caroline Brett and Elspeth Kennedy returning, while novelist Kathleen Herbert, former Richmond Herald of Arms Michael Maclagan, and the 'Gwent Arthur' theorists, Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson, made their debuts.

Tony Ashcroft became established as editor of Ceridwen's Cauldron, but the publication was hit by the lack of advertising revenue. As membership income had not reached the heights of the previous year, treasurers Carolyn Fooks and Stewart Grime embarked on a policy of financial restraint, leading to Ceridwen's Cauldron having a small p[rint run, with copies being borrowed from the Society library. Most did not return. Perhpas the most interesting article was that by the 'Gwent Arthurians', explaining why they thought Arthur ap Meurig ap Tewdrig in South Wales was the 'historical' King Arthur.

The Society 'Library List' now enters recorded history, with Sally Humphrys as its first guardian. This scheme, listing books owned by members, with comments from readers, remains in place in 1996, but has expanded to three binders from one.

The committee went through a turbulent period. The 1987 AGM had created the posts of 'Marshal', or Membership Secretary, and 'Butler', or Social Secretary, and then made Sally Humphrys Vice-President by emergency motion as it was uncertain whether Chris would be able to take up his postgraduate place. Sarah Tucker was elected Treasurer, but had to resign when it was realised that her teacher training place at Westminster College didn't fulfil the residence requirements for University Clubs and Societies. Chancellor Chris Harvey fell ill and had to resign. He was replaced by Social Secretary Julian Day, but several committee members were unhappy with his appointment and he too resigned, to be replaced by Rachel Locklin. Carolyn Fooks resumed her role as Treasurer until the end of Michaelmas 1987 when she had to resign owing to an attack of glandular fever; an EGM elected Stewart Grime her successor.

Despite this the Society attracted several new members and the Trinity AGM was the most contested ever. This was in second week, after May Morning which saw a visit to St Margaret's Well at Binsey, where the Padstow May Song was sung, apparently. Three candidates - Sally, Chris Harvey, and Simon Burrows, competed to take over a term that had as its highlight Nikolai Tolstoy speaking on Merlin. The impression one gets is that the committee overcame their differences to enjoy a successful year.


Committee for 1987-1988

President/Regent:		CHRIS GIDLOW (Sir Gawain)	    Oriel
Vice-President/Vice-Regent:	SALLY-JANE HUMPHRYS (Queen Ygraine) St Hugh's
Secretary/Chancellor:(T87)	CHRIS HARVEY (Sir Galahad)	    Univ.
		  (T87-M87)	JULIAN DAY (Pope Sulpicius)         Wadham
		  (H88-)	RACHEL LOCKLIN (Queen Isolde)	    Oriel
Treasurer/Seneschal:(T87)	SARAH TUCKER (Lady Nimue)           LMH
		  (T87-M87)	CAROLYN FOOKS (Queen Guinevere)	    Somerville
		  (M87-)	STEWART GRIME (Sir Tristram)        Oriel
Membership/Marshal:		LINDSAY WOMERSLEY (Lady of the Lake)Keble
Social Sec/Butler:(T87)		JULIAN DAY (Pope Sulpicius)         Wadham
				RACHEL LOCKLIN (Queen Isolde)       Oriel
Constable:			SHELAGH LEWINS (Britomart)	    New
Herald:(from M87)		CHRIS HARVEY (Sir Galahad)	    Univ.
Chamberlain:(T87-M87):		STEWART GRIME (Sir Tristram)	    Oriel
	    (M87-)		SIAN DAVIS 			    St Peter's
Scribe/Magazine Editor:		TONY ASHCROFT (Sir Lancelot)        
Chief Advisor:			SARAH TUCKER (Lady Nimue)