The Regency of Sir Galahad
Judith Bird, 1984-1985

The AGM of Trinity 1984 elected an almost entirely new committee, only Nicola Marples surviving from the previous year. Judith Bird was elected President. Her 'character name' was Sir Galahad, indicating that at events where Society members appeared in costume some gender swapping took place - indeed, Nicola was known as Sir Mordred. Minutes of early committee meetings include references to provisions for wine brewing, the need to "preserve the friendly happy nature of the Society", and a review of publicity, leading to a redrawing of the original Society logo, two swords crossed to form an 'A' above which hovered a grail, while a sword rose from the lake underneath. This was replaced by a more elegant design by Bridget Pease, which has endured ever since, although it has been less used in recent years. Plans were made for Society T-shirts, to complement the ties commissioned by Paul's committee.

Although there were no outside speakers in Michaelmas 1984, there was a trip to a course on 'The Arthurian Legend' at the Tower of London, and Paul Antrobus led a "round-table discussion" on Arthur's historical background. Video meetings continued and there were "evening(s) of Arthurian readings, discussion, conversation and mulled wine".

Hilary Term saw Michaelmas's banquet supplemented by a 'Pagan Party' connected to Valentine's Day - "Druids, Mistletoe" are minuted, along with the possibility of a Dungeons and Dragons grail quest. The Society invested in a "Grecian urn" garden ornament, and painted it gold for a Grail re-enactment which was repeated in subsequent years, although whether Peter Ewing did "arrange (for) a young male volunteer to be whipped tied to a stake" is doubtful.

The committee had evidently found acting as a shadow committee during Paul's last term difficult and, perhaps with finals approaching in some cases, chose to leave immediately at the AGM. Trinity would see the Garden party of previous years superseded by a less expensive Punt Party, and by the time Judith's committee left plans were well advanced for the Trinity 1985 pilgrimage to North Wales.


Committee for 1984/5

President:	JUDITH BIRD		(Somerville)
Secretary:	NICOLA MARPLES		(Somerville)
Treasurer:	JON COOMBS		(Hertford)
Committee:	MO PICKERING		(Brasenose)
		PETER EWING		(Brasenose)
		ALISON MILLS		(Somerville)
		TONY HEWITT		(Keble)
		JACQUIE KEER		(Somerville)
Ex-President:	PAUL ANTROBUS		(Exeter)