From the pages of the annals of The Lady Nimue:

Ceridwen's Cauldron

Twas the one thousand nine hundred and eighty fifth year of our Lord, and the time of the Long Vacation was upon us. Most of the noble knights and fair ladies of the court had quitted thetown of Oxford in favour of fairer climes. However in a tavern in the region of Jericho there came to pass an auspicious gathering between myself, one King Mark of Cornwall and several flagons of dark Irish stout ale. We both were in agreement, it had been a fine year spent in the company of exuberant swains and erudite scholars. However, be it the fault of the foaming brew served at each gathering of the court, or some mental deficiency of our own neither could remember in great detail the topics that had been discussed and discovered by the aforementioned company.

A record was required we decided, some form of written account of the court's activities, to educate and inspire its members and to engender some enthusiasm amongst its ranks. It should review past glories and anticipate forthcoming attractions, enabling members to draw more worth from a season's questing, quaffing and querying. I immediately resolved to initiate such a venture, and King Mark resolved to let me get on with it...

Much activity followed. Writing engines were investigated, sponsors sought, printing presses pressed and contributors cajoled. It was decided that the first edition should be an introduction to the exciting world of our noble Emperor Arthur to entice new converts to our cause. As to the title, after much deliberation 'Pendragon' was chosen, it being a subtle and witty conjoining of both 'pen' and 'dragon'! (I was as yet unaware of the existence of The Pendragon Society with its eponymous magazine - hence the later retitling). The Historical truth of King Arthur was to be expounded by Lord Merlin, who also provided us with our first book list (a trendy term for bibliography at the time!). Sir Galahad was to have examined Arthurian Literature, but resigned feebly at the last moment, forcing me to fill the breach at short notice. King Mark scribbled vague musings on the back of an envelope which was hammered into an 'Arthurian Pub Guide', all this together with my introduction - an overview of arbitrary Arthurian activity entitled 'Gateway to Arthurian Britain'. (And whose immortal opening words 'In his novel, 'The Moon of Gomrath'...' remain yet legendary amongst those of us sufficiently antiquated to remember them!)

As Michaelmas approached the elders of the court convened to cogitate over forthcoming ventures. On the question of the magazine, however, opinion was divided. Lord Merlin, King Mark and myself led the party in favour of such a publication, whereas Sir Mordred was not at all convinced of its necessity. Finally it was considered fitting that the communication should be distributed, but that it should be self-funding and not draw upon court revenues for its production.

Behold! It came to pass that, at the first gathering of the season of Michaelmas in that year, the first edition of the magazine of The Oxford Arthurian Society was freely given to all of its company and prospective members... and there was much rejoicing! Thus Ceridwen's Cauldron, as it was ever after to be called, was born: and the rest, as they say, is history!

The Arthurians concerned were...